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Understanding and Winning the Never-Ending Search for Talent. 
(Peter Henschel)

"In our enterprises today, the search for talent is everything.  It is all about recruiting, orienting, socializing, retaining, and renewing commitment and the social contract between employer and employee.

Whether in boom or bust times, recruiting and retaining the very best talent is bedrock critical.  A robust economy only makes the challenge more competitive.  But the challenge never goes away, no matter what shape the economy or a specific market is in at any given time.

The intellectual capital, knowledge, wisdom, and loyalty that employees choose to bring with them to work make or break companies today.  The consequences of poor human capital policies are often swift and unforgiving.

Managers have no greater task than to support and nurture the development of human capital—and that means giving people what they need to succeed.

Bottom line: The manager's core work in this new economy is to create and support a work environment that nurtures continuous learning. Doing this well moves us closer to having an advantage in the never-ending search for talent."

Editor: Read the full text of this thought-provoking article at: http://www.linezine.com/6.2/articles/phuwnes.htm

Peter Henschel was Executive Director Emeritus of the Institute for Research on Learning (whose operations are now mostly part of San Francisco-based WestEd) until his untimely death in September 2002. He served as a retained advisor and consultant for companies building or renewing corporate universities and learning programs, both adult and K12, and eLearning companies.  He was a frequent national and international speaker on issues of learning, management development, innovation, human capital, and organizational health.

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