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"The profit centre of the future will be run by a person and a manager. The purpose of the manager will be to keep the organization off the back of the person representing it."
Michael Gering, Management Consultant gering@iafrica.com writing in Financial Management July/August 2003

"Capitalism is a process of perpetual creative destruction."
Joseph Schumpeter, Austrian economist

"Create and establish your own goals and your own road map for your own success."

" ... see your organisation as a temporary partner in your life but not the means and the end of it. Your company (employer) is a momentary co-creator with you of developments, growth, learning, fulfilment, meaning and wealth - not the source or benefactor of those crucial things. This mind-set, funnily enough, will reciprocate your organisation's real thoughts about you ..."

"The syndrome of employment as (a) ghost-marriage is a great danger to one's personal V--d--. For better or worse, for richer or poorer, staff stay on and on, not daring to imagine, let alone attempt, the single life again. This slow paralysing of thought, innovation and empowerment wreaks havoc in time on any healthy organisational system - and on the personal system."   
René Carayol & David Firth, Corporate V--D-- (Page 177).

"You should never be afraid to try something new or something different because it may not work. The worst thing you can do is to avoid change because of the risk involved. Accept that things may go wrong, and learn from your mistakes. That’s the only way things will ever get better."
Sir John Shaw, Governor (CEO) of the Bank of Scotland, FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT magazine, May 2001.

"What is now proved was once only imagined."
The Marriage of Heaven and Hell - William Blake 1757-1827.

"There can be no vision of the future, but there can and must be a vision for the future: a new barbarian vision. A future that isn't there yet can't be discovered. It is created by men and women of vision, who are faced with the simple choice: to create their own future, or fall into somebody else's; to take control of their destiny, or be at the mercy of another's whim."
The New Barbarian Manifesto - How to survive the Information Age - Ian Angell 2000.

"Work is like a stick. It has two ends. When you work for the knowing you give them quality; when you work for a fool you give him eye-wash."
One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich - Aleksandr Isayevich Solzhenitsyn – 1963.

"... employers want more creative ability and speed, and they know the forces of competition go only to the creative and fastest moving. It is absolutely impossible to win in business by doing the same as everyone else. It's even impossible to win by doing the same as everyone else even if it is a bit faster and a bit better. Only those who bring something new to the party will survive."
Sir John Harvey Jones - Author, Consultant, and former Chairman of ICI - FINANCIAL WORLD - June 2001.  

"Companies are being forced to reinvent their management cultures ..."
"In this emerging future business world, old textbook categories that separate the economics of large and small firms, different economic sectors and the importance of geographical location no longer apply. The core assets of companies cease to be their technologies and other tangible assets. Instead, the core competitive advantage of businesses is now intellectual capital; in other words, brain power."  
Richard Scase - Professor of Organisational Behaviour at the University of Kent (Canterbury, UK), a business futurist and a key advisor to the UK government on business issues - The Future for Business.



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