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Global Credit Management - an Executive Summary is available in Amazon Kindle (digital) format from  
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T3P LIMITED is pleased to announce that the Simplified Chinese version of Global Credit Management - an Executive Summary is now available.  Copies may be purchased through eStore T3P, simply click on the button: 

This book is an ideal gift for Chinese business executives of all types; Chief Executives (CEOs), Chief Financial Officers (CFOs), Treasurers, Credit Managers, Entrepreneurs starting or running their own businesses.  If you will be visiting China on business soon, purchase some copies to present to those you meet.   
This is a gift the receiver will use and cherish for many years.

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Now available Worldwide!

Global Credit Management: an Executive Summary
Ron Wells
ISBN: 0-470-85111-2
166 pages

A practical approach to global credit management. 


Global Credit Management was written for business leaders; Chief Executives, Chief Financial Officers, Business Unit Managers, and Owners of Small or Medium Enterprises.  
Read the Author's comments.

'... one of the most intelligent and refreshing exposés of the present and future rôle of international credit management that I have read in a long time.'  Global Credit Management 'represents a very welcome and innovative addition to the small library of quality publications available on international credit and risk management.' 
( Tim Lane, Director of European Operations, FCIB Corporation )

Wells has the unique ability to present complicated issues in a light and lively manner, often through the use of theoretical discussions between the credit executive and the CFO, sales, or customers. The book covers topics from the intermediate to advanced level … 
Read the whol
e review.

( IOMA’s Report on Managing Credit, Receivables & Collections – May 2004 )


'This is a tour de force. Wells provides conceptual and technical tools to turn credit management from a menial risk control function into a creative contributor to high-level marketing strategy.  This is a vital handbook for all Credit Managers.  It is also a wake up call for CFOs and CEOs.'
( Adam Dupre, Managing Director, China Company Research Services Ltd )

'I received your book on Friday and read parts of it during the weekend.  What can I say... I will read it all.  Great information in a style which is easy to digest even complicated topics.  Love those dialogues.  
( Jacob Katsman, CEO , GlobalTrade Corporation )

Global Credit Management is now available, click the icon below to order your copy from ...


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BarrettWells Credit Research - Skills & Knowledge Sharing

Venue:  St Anne's College - Oxford University England. 
This challenging workshop, took place from  May 8-10, 2006. 
The venue, and booking arrangements were handled by Infospectrum Limited.

The Power of Credit provided inter-active lectures and hands-on syndicate projects that enabled the participants to acquire practical skills and key knowledge.

Power of Credit was recommended by FCIB and organised by Infospectrum Limited in association with BarrettWells Credit Resources.


Ron Wells led the workshop, which included a Forensic Cash Flow Analysis module.  

Click the BarrettWells Button to view some comments about Forensic Cash Flow Analysis. 



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