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The Industrial Age, the age of progress, is dead!

Well, it's actually thrashing about like a zombie, trying to maintain the worn out 'command and control' organisation model but hark! There is a new way, a new age, an age that has already begun, an age that is beginning to eclipse the status quo

Long live the age of imagination, the Age of Revolution!

In designing strategy; "There is a tendency to work from today forward, not from the future back; implicitly assuming that the future will be more or less like the present."

In his book Leading the Revolution Gary Hamel notes that; "We stand on the threshold of a new age - the age of revolution. In our minds, we know this new age has already arrived; in our bellies, we're not sure we're going to like it. For we know it is an age of upheaval, of tumult, of fortunes made and unmade at head-snapping speed. For change has changed. No longer is it additive. No longer does it move in a straight line. In the twenty-first century, change is discontinuous, abrupt, seditious. Every age brings its own blend of promise and peril, and the age of revolution has plenty of both. But there is reason to be more hopeful than fearful, for the age of revolution is presenting us with an opportunity never before available to humankind. For the first time in history we can work backward from our imagination rather than forward from our past."

"Business concept innovation will be the defining competitive advantage in the age of revolution."

"In the age of revolution you have to be able to imagine revolutionary alternatives to the status quo."  

"Many of the choices that define your company's business model were made years ago. Those choices were shaped by the logic of another age. In the fading glow of success, they may seem like inevitabilities. But they're not. It is your job to turn those inevitabilities back into choices."

Gary Hamel is Visiting Professor of Strategic and International Management at the London Business School and Chairman of Strategos, an international consulting company, visit:

Leading the Revolution 2000 Gary Hamel Harvard Business School Press


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