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The Global Credit Management Group (GCMG) is a virtual organization that brings together individuals dedicated to liberating the power of credit, thereby enabling credit to work its magic and increase economic growth.  It was inspired by the exploits of Credit Agent 007.24 Samuel James Bond Barrett in Central Africa in the mid-nineties.  That amazing story illustrated the way forward for 21st century credit management. 

The two hundred year old traditional approach to credit management is no longer acceptable.  

In order to secure their rightful place in history GCMG members are dedicated to adding value to their employer firms, to increasing sales safely, and to providing competitive advantage.  The fragmented, looking back, and sales prevention approaches of the 20th century must be overthrown.  There is a better way.

Visit this site from time to time to find links to reports on the latest developments receiving GCMG attention.

Anyone can join the GCMG; all that is required is to adopt a 21st century attitude to credit management.

Find out more about the 21st century approach to global credit management by reading Global Credit Management - An Executive Summary by Ron Wells.  Click here for details.

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GCMG Member Focused Reports:

The Art of Assessing, Quantifying and Managing Buyer or Supplier Future Physical Performance Risk
Physical Performance Risk is not the same as Payment Risk so it is not correct to apply the same Probability of Default, Potential Future Exposure at Default, and Loss given Default measures to both.  The current general practice of applying the same measures to both leads to an erroneous, usually exaggerated, assessment of the risks related to future physical performance.  An alternative method is proposed to answer the response that 'there is no other way', and to initiate a debate, was presented at the 3rd Annual Credit Risk in Energy Trading Conference.  Also refer to an extended article on this subject by clicking this link: English; or for the Chinese version click this link: Chinese.
Read Taleb’s Black Swan*?....twice?…..so now what?
* The Black Swan – The Impact of the Highly Improbable, Nassim Nicholas Taleb 2007, Penguin Books
Click here to obtain a copy of the Chinese version of the article.  Order the book
CO2 Emission Credits Trading Challenges Credit Management
Forensic Cash Flow Analysis ( A 21st Century Global Credit Management Tool )
Basel II - What it means to Credit Managers
Credit Management in 2015
Credit in 2010 - A Scenario
There is a better way to manage your Credit Department, it just hasn't quite been invented yet ...
Portfolio Risk Management


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