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Planet Earth ….

The technological revolution rages on.

New-world rebels representing the networked economy are besieging the old world with the most sophisticated weaponry ever seen.

Old-world traders are being told 'destroy your business' and 'evolve or die' by the new rebel leaders. And all those who fail to respond will  be mercilessly sacrificed in the new economy. Little regard is shown to the history of these dominant, commercial leviathans.

However, some of the new-world rebels are also falling from the skies – those who flew too close to the sun – exemplifying for others the new intolerance of recklessness and ineptitude. They are being sacrificed for the greater good.

Until now …

Until V--d-- …

… a new force and its guardians, sworn to uphold the visionary yet beautifully simple secret of the force, and to share its rewards.

The team will use the force to mentor, coach and convert old-world giants and headstrong rebel forces to fly in the new dawn.

The fundamental belief behind V--d-- is that the old world and the new can coexist and cooperate, by sharing the wisdom of experience with the energy and vigour of youth.

The power of V--d-- !!

The key attributes of Fast businesses include: 
The ability to be virtual.
Openness in recruiting talent from outside, even at senior management level.
Close proximity to the customer.
Courageous and risk-embracing leadership.
Thinking BIG, acting small…

For every Slow business, extrapolating the past in terms of business structure and philosophy, there’s a St Luke’s blowing the past to reinvent the future.

For every company obsessed with the physical, there’s a Visa, everywhere and nowhere.

For every product-obsessed company, there’s an Amazon or a South West Airlines, branding, amazing, delighting.

For every organisation paralysed by caution and control, there’s a GE and a Dell, pushing back the boundaries of what’s possible …

Personal V--d-- 

"The syndrome of employment as (a) ghost-marriage is a great danger to one's personal V--d--. For better or worse, for richer or poorer, staff stay on and on, not daring to imagine, let alone attempt, the single life again. This slow paralysing of thought, innovation and empowerment wreaks havoc in time on any healthy organisational system - and on the personal system."
"Create and establish your own goals and your own road map for your own success."
" ... see your organisation as a temporary partner in your life but not the means and the end of it. Your company (employer) is a momentary co-creator with you of developments, growth, learning, fulfillment, meaning and wealth - not the source or benefactor of those crucial things.
This mind-set, funnily enough, will reciprocate your organisation's real thoughts about you ..."
(Page 177) 

Corporate V--d--  © Copyright 2001  René Carayol & David Firth.  ISBN 1-84112-157-6 
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