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Competitive Advantage in World Class Organisations. “Organisations will need to … cherish impermanence and thrive on chaos.” (Kym Thorne & Malcolm Smith)

To catch your interest, here are some quotes from this article:

"For any organisation to achieve world class performance in the future a clearly defined and articulated vision that states the organisation's objectives and motivates and inspires performance to achieve the common goal must be present."

"The organisation will need a strong purpose and vision, and be focused on its core values, in order to make work meaningful and attract, motivate and retain outstanding people. Organisational purpose will be more than just increasing profit or market share; it will reflect an ongoing commitment to adding value to employees, customers and the wider community."

"Ground-breaking technology will transform many functions of the organisation. Organisations will need to be dynamic, flexible and cherish impermanence and thrive on chaos. Technology will dramatically change the way we communicate, work and socialise."

Authors: Kym Thorne & Malcolm Smith of the University of South Australia. 
Published in "Management Accounting" (March 2000) now called "Financial Management", a magazine produced by the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA). Write to or visit

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