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The Company: Living Entity or Machine?
How you treat it determines its performance Tom FitzGerald explains that people have always known instinctively that a human enterprise is a living, breathing entity that grows and ages, sickens and heals, flourishes and fails.
The Gentle Art of Provoking Change - Creating a Virtual Crisis
Knowing what to do is easy.  Making your people WANT to do it is the real challenge.  Tom FitzGerald explains how the art of 'creating a Virtual Crisis' can invest you with the power to effect continuous change, without engendering unwelcome side-effects.
Basel II - What it means to Credit Managers
Although the Basel II new bank capital adequacy rules are only due to be introduced from 2006, the implications are already driving up the cost of borrowing for weaker companies.
The Future of Credit by Abe WalkingBear Sanchez
Against the background of huge advances in technology, support software, and real-time communication of information, credit guru Abe WalkingBear Sanchez looks into his crystal ball to see what the future holds for Credit Managers. 
Continuous Value Creation by Dean Robb Ph.D.
Continuous value creation is an ethic of continuously seeking creative new ways to add value to the world – i.e. to make a genuine contribution.  The mindset is profoundly visionary, creative, and contributory.  The only thing that can create real, sustainable growth is returning to a core ethic of continuous value creation. Continuous value creation must become the primal fuel that drives the economic engine of renewable corporate entrepreneurship.
Building Entrepreneurial Enterprises by Dean Robb Ph.D.
'Sustaining success in today’s marketplace demands that every company build capability for sustainable entrepreneurship.  Yet this capability seems to be extremely elusive.'  Dean Robb explores the concept of sustainable entrepreneurship in this insightful and easy to read article.  He provides illustrations that bring the concepts to life.

The Industrial Age, the age of progress, is dead!
Long live the age of imagination, the Age of Revolution!
In his book Leading the Revolution Gary Hamel convinces the reader that; "The age of revolution is presenting us with an opportunity never before available to humankind. For the first time in history we can work backward from our imagination rather than forward from our past."

Have you read 'Who moved MY cheese?' by Dr Spencer Johnson?  If not, buy or borrow a copy today, it's less than 100 pages, and a thought-provoking read about managing change.
Understanding and Winning the Never-Ending Search for Talent. In this challenging article, Peter Henschel explained some of the principles that should influence managers and leaders as they explore their new roles and responsibilities in the New Economy. These principles can help us breed the innovation, loyalty, trust and unbridled creativity that will make all the difference in our competitive world.

Corporate V--d--. "New-world rebels representing the networked economy are besieging the old world with the most sophisticated weaponry ever seen." (René Carayol & David Firth)
Note: The "V" word offends some site access blocking software.

When bad debt is good business
Believe it or not, more bad debt can mean an improvement to the bottom line.  Abe WalkingBear Sanchez, explains how in this evocative article ...

Why Businesses Fail. Cathy Hayward analyses the secrets of business failure.
Measuring a Credit Manager’s Performance. "Measurement is usually linked to rewards and rewards (explicit or implicit) drive behaviour." (Ron Wells)  
There is life beyond the figures of hate .... Beyond Budgeting ! (Robin Fraser and Jeremy Hope)
The "command and compliance" culture is giving way to the "trust and commitment" one... (David Allen)

We have to change the whole culture and role of management. It has to go from compliance to creativity. (Prof. R Scase)

Communication Strategies for Improved Employee Performance. "… intangible assets are the knowledge, expertise, effort and innovation of the people who do the work and the thinking." (Dr R Varey)
Competitive  Advantage  in  Mature  Industries. "Inefficiency in mature firms can be pervasive and institutionalised. Its elimination then requires shock treatment …" (Robert M Grant)
Thoughts on Strategy - C K Prahalad (Prof. of Business, University of Michigan) - "exploiting the opportunity horizon is what leads to profitable growth …"
Managing Trade Credit to Sustain Competitive Advantage. "Any firm committing around one fifth of its assets to accounts receivable needs to give serious attention to why it is doing so and whether it is adding value to the business." (R Pike, N Cheng and L Chadwick)
Competitive Advantage in World Class Organisations. "Organisations will need to … cherish impermanence and thrive on chaos." (Kym Thorne & Malcolm Smith)
The Future for Business. "Companies are being forced to reinvent their management cultures ..." (Prof. R Scase)
Customer Visits Strategy. "Customer visiting has been argued as possibly one of the main functions of the credit department." (Norman Taylor)


The BPO & Friends have a Stranglehold on the LC and will soon finally lay it to rest… (Ron Wells)
Read why every business that accepts Standby Letters of Credit as collateral cover (security) for its sales transactions should switch to requiring Bank Payment Obligations (BPOs).  Discover how the BPO-Plus (BPO & Friends) will gradually but inexorably replace transaction related Documentary LCs over the next five years or less.  The considerable rewards intrinsic to using BPO and electronic documents in combination are available to every trading partnership today; you should be benefiting - click here.
Challenges for Credit Risk Management in the Energy Sector. (Ron Wells)
Credit Risk Managers active in the oil, gas and power trading arena attended a forum in London. Three areas were discussed: credit analysis, credit risk mitigation tools, and credit risk measurement systems and techniques.
TradeCard is a new technology/service available to Exporters and Importers.
TradeCard enables Sellers and Buyers to transact safely, without the administrative and cost implications of Letters of Credit. This internet-browser-based service has been operating successfully for several months. The value of transactions is around US$ or Euro100,000. TradeCard could kill low-value high-volume LCs stone-dead!
(Ron Wells)
(Note: This is a pdf of a PowerPoint presentation. It may take a little time to download.)
Credit Scoring - a new day / a new idea. (Ron Wells)
Will Bankruptcy Swaps kill high-value Letters of Credit? (Ron Wells)
(Note: This is a pdf copy of a presentation, delivered in mid-2001.)
How to Make Money Without Money - The Art of Transferable Letters of Credit and Assignments of Proceeds (Jacob Katsman)
In this easy to read book the author unravels the mysteries that make international trading so profitable. He provides a lay-person's guide to inscrutable tools like; Transferable Letters of Credit, Back-to-Back Letters of Credit and Assignments of Proceeds. Several 'case studies' bring all the theory to life and make it easy to 'make money without money' - provided you are the right type of person.
Letters of Credit & ICC Generosity!!
Policy statements and other ICC papers on documentary credits are available free of charge in the Banking section of the International Chamber of Commerce web site.


Post Loss Funding Credit Insurance Facility. Read these notes and you will be amazed at the ingenuity of the credit insurance industry. (Ron Wells)
Knowledge Management (KM) (Ron Wells)


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