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The Chameleon in the Room: 
Embrace Business Risk - Assure Survival & Growth

The Chameleon in the Room is available in Paperback and eBook/Kindle versions; use the links below to purchase your copy.  It is unusual as it provides tools specifically designed to manage risks that are often ignored by executives; the same risks that have surprised and fatally wounded many giant enterprises, and countless SMEs.  It particularly addresses the concerns and responsibilities of Executive Directors, Non-Executive Directors, ‘C-Suite’ Executives, SME Executives, Credit Executives and Start-up Entrepreneurs.  
ISBN-13: 978-0957627949
Author: Ron Wells
Click here to look inside the book and read an extract from chapter three.

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Credit Risk Management – The Novel has been rated 5 Stars by an customer who wrote: “This book is great for those risk professionals, who have hands-on responsibilities in businesses and have realized that academic books are well short of describing the real day-to-day work.”

This is not a traditional text book, it is a story that follows the day to day work of a credit risk management team as they face and overcome various challenges. You are invited to ‘listen in’ to their conversations and read the outline of the solutions they employ. The detail of their solutions appears at the end of the book so reading the detail is optional. 

Credit Risk pervades every level of business, so as a business student or graduate there is no better way to supplement your knowledge on the subject than with practical, real life experiences. Immerse yourself in a good story and equip yourself to deal with the challenges of the real business world.  

Read all about this exciting book at:

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Teenage Poetry: Those Were the Days 1967 - 1969 [ Kindle Edition ]

A small collection of poems written under African skies in troubled times, by an idealistic teenager. This anthology reflects the author’s emotional and philosophical reaction to domestic and international events through the years 1967 to 1969. Ron Wells was born and raised in the country now known as Zimbabwe.

Author: Ron Wells

Click this link to purchase a copy: TEENAGE POETRY: THOSE WERE THE DAYS 1967 - 1969

Global Credit Management - An Executive Summary

'Wells has the unique ability to present complicated issues in a light and lively manner, often through the use of theoretical discussions between the credit executive and the CFO, sales, or customers. The book covers topics from the intermediate to advanced level … '
( IOMA’s Report on Managing Credit, Receivables & Collections – May 2004 )  
Read all of this review.  Read other reviews and additional comment.

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Available as a Kindle eBook from

Huan Xin Ping Heng Biao Shang De Shui Shi
Guo Ji Xin Yong Guan Li Shi Yong Zhi Nan

Awaken the Sleeping Lion on the Balance Sheet
an Executive Summary for Global Credit Management

The Mandarin Chinese language version of Global Credit Management - an Executive Summary, a translation and adaptation by Ming Li and Ron Wells,

It has been designed to provide the essential basic information needed to understand payment risk management in a domestic and international setting, with the addition of a practical tool kit covering the essential aspects.  Above all it is easy to read, Jing Zhang commented; ‘I have enjoyed greatly reading this book as it has presented this complex subject in a very light and lively manner.  The authors have summarised the entire world of credit management within an effective length, focusing on the practitioners’ perspective.'   Professor Yang commented; ‘I believe this book should be extremely useful and helpful for Chinese firms and managers to learn about international practices and standards in credit management and improve their competitiveness.’  

Click here to read the introductory pages, which have been translated into English to enable you to judge the book's value for yourself.  The book consists of 250 pages.  This is a gift the receiver will use and cherish for many years. 

An eBook version (.pdf Adobe Acrobat file) is available to be downloaded immediately after payment.

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