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ICE Brent Crude Futures

ICE Brent Crude Futures and related contracts are traded on the IntercontinentalExchange’s ICE Futures Europe platform, based in London. This market venue was founded in 1980 as the International Petroleum Exchange (IPE).  The IPE operated as an ‘open outcry’ exchange until April 2005.  It was purchased by IntercontinentalExchange (www.theice.com) in 2001.  Its name was changed to ICE Futures Europe to coincide with the switch from open outcry to trading on an electronic platform in 2005. 

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The Contractual Arrangements for Brent Cargoes:

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1. the Shell GT&Cs for Crude Oil contracts 2010 Edition or
2. the Agreement for Sale of Brent Blend Crude Oil (SUKO 90) 15 Day version and
3. the Modifications to SUKO 90 amending the Agreement for the introduction of 25 Day basis.

NB: Either 1 or 2 as amended by 3 will apply to an OTC contract arising out of an EFP.





Click the picture below to obtain a copy of the Article and the linked PowerPoint slide presentation, the latter includes illustrations that further clarify some of the information provided in the written explanation.


1.  API Gravity = American Petroleum Institute gravity, which is a measure of how heavy or light a petroleum liquid is as compared to water at 60 degrees Fahrenheit .  If greater than 10 the liquid is lighter than, so floats on water.  Light Crude = higher than API 31.1.  Medium Crude = between API 22.3 and API 31.1.  Heavy Crude = below API 22.3.  Extra Heavy Crude = below API 10.0

2.  Over the Counter (OTC) = A direct transaction with a disclosed counterparty; that is to say, not a transaction through the intermediation of an exchange.

3.  Dated (DTD) Prices = Prices applicable to crude oil cargoes to be delivered during this current month. Such cargoes are also referred to as ‘spot cargoes’ or ‘prompt cargoes’.



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