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The Chameleon in the Room: Embrace Business Risk - Assure Survival & Growth

The Chameleon in the Room is available in Paperback and eBook/Kindle versions; use the links below to purchase your copy.  It is unusual as it provides tools specifically designed to manage risks that are often ignored by executives; the same risks that have surprised and fatally wounded many giant enterprises, and countless SMEs.  It particularly addresses the concerns and responsibilities of Executive Directors, Non-Executive Directors, ‘C-Suite’ Executives, SME Executives and Start-up Entrepreneurs.  
ISBN-13: 978-0957627949
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Author: Ron Wells
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Recommended to everyone who wants to deal with business risks successfully!
By Andriy Sichka on November 26, 2015 Format: Paperback
I always had a feeling that knowledge of the theory is only one part.  Another, much more difficult one is finding a way to apply it in practice.  Reading The Chameleon in the Room resolved majority of my doubts concerned with risk management.   Written by a practitioner for practitioners the book shines the light on the areas left by theories in dark, and gives clear guidance for everyday practice.  I recommend this book to everyone who wants to deal with business risks successfully!

"It's a great idea to dramatise a subject like 
credit risk.
I hope this becomes a trendsetter..." 
(Reader Comment)  

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Book Review of Credit Risk Management - The Novel in The Asset Magazine
In the March 2015 edition of The Asset the Assistant Editor, Christoph Kober, reviews Credit Risk Management – The Novel (Part One).  Here is a brief extract:  “In The Novel, Wells presents technical concepts in a manner that is enlightening to anyone interested in how oil majors and traders fuel the world economy.  In the sometimes covert world of commodities, the book reveals how large oil majors can do business even with nefarious traders and national oil companies with erratic payment patterns.   Practical advice wrapped in lively accounts of how large commodity deals are brokered make the book a helpful guide not only to credit professionals but treasurers and financial directors as well.  To read the whole Book Review click here

Eminent Professor of Credit Management Recommends Credit Risk Management – The Novel
The Professor of Credit Management and MSc Finance, Programme Leader at a prestigious UK University, and Programme Leader for the Singapore Accounting Academy (SAA-GE), has read and now recommends ‘Credit Risk Management – The Novel’. To advise her decision she wrote as follows:  “I have recommended your book to a few libraries and added it to my ‘other’ recommended reading list.”  Click here for more information.

The BPO & Friends have a Stranglehold on the LC and will soon finally lay it to rest… 
Read why every business that accepts Standby Letters of Credit as collateral cover (security) for its sales transactions should switch to requiring Bank Payment Obligations (BPOs).  Discover how the BPO-Plus (BPO & Friends) will gradually but inexorably replace transaction related Documentary LCs over the next five years or less.  The considerable rewards intrinsic to using BPO and electronic documents in combination are available to every trading partnership today; you should be benefiting - click here.
Bank Payment Obligations (BPOs) – Basics for Corporate's
Whether you are a Seller or Buyer of goods this article provides the basic information you need in order to start replacing Standby Letters of Credit and/or Documentary Letters of Credit (LCs) with the BPO or BPO-Plus process respectively.
Energy Credit Risk - The Future & Career Prospects
Ron Wells presented this topic at the IECA Europe 28th European Credit Education Group Conference in Athens, on June 24, 2014.  Click here to view or download the supporting presentation material.
DME Oman Crude Oil Futures (OQD)
The Dubai Mercantile Exchange’s OQD contract is becoming the crude oil pricing benchmark for the Asian market, displacing the Dubai Crude Oil Futures contract. It is important to understand the credit risk implications of trading in these and the associated OTC Oman Crude Oil Contracts. This article clearly covers all important points.
25 Day BFOEs - Understanding the related Credit Risk  
( Previous 2001/03 notes updated as per April 2014 )
ICE Brent Crude Futures and 25 Day BFOE (Brent-Forties-Oseberg-Ekofisk) Forward contracts create the basis for the determination of the cost of more than 65% of the crude oil bought and sold in the world. However the jargon and processes related to the wider Brent Futures and BFOE market are not easy to unravel. Understanding the credit risk implications is even more challenging. This article clearly covers all important points.
Guest Lecture Series' Presentations Delivered by Ron Wells  Click to access a copy of the supporting PowerPoint:
Part 1: Strategic B2B Credit Risk Management
Part 2: Performance (Pre-Delivery) Risk Management
Part 3: Payment (Post Delivery) Risk Management
Significant Letter of Credit Legal Decisions ( Singapore Courts )
Singapore is probably the most important centre of trade finance in Asia . The linked notes cover a number of significant decisions on trade finance handed down by the Singapore courts in recent years.  Kindly supplied by Toh Kian Sing of legal firm Rajah & Tann.

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T3P LIMITED is pleased to advise that the Chinese version of Global Credit Management - an Executive Summary (simplified characters) is now available only as an eBook (pdf) because the Hardcover version is out of print.  Copies may be purchased through eStore T3P, simply click on the button: 

This book is an ideal gift for Chinese business executives of all types; Chief Executives (CEOs), Chief Financial Officers (CFOs), Treasurers, Credit Managers, Entrepreneurs starting or running their own businesses.  
This is a gift the receiver will use and cherish for many years.

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